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Magnetic Ball Car Mount For Smartphones

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Quick Overview
✅ Adjusts and holds any viewing angle
✅ Ensures the phone stays in place
✅ Can be removed and used for another device
✅ 360 rotation degree
✅ Weight: 71g
✅ Cash on delivery
✅ Delivery to all Kingdom countries 
Get this amazing Magnetic Ball for Smartphones and use your phone easily while driving
This popular Magnetic Ball Car Mount For Smartphones lets you be hands-free so you can keep your focus safely on the road.
⭕️ Adjusts and holds in any viewing angle, whether portrait, landscape, or moved out of sight
⭕️ Ensures the phone stays securely in place until you detach it from with a simple twist or tug
⭕️ Uses 3M VHB, so it adheres steadfastly to your phone or rigid case but can be removed if you get a new device
⭕️ Made of high-quality steel, machined aluminum, flexible silicon and 3M adhesive pads
⭕️ Sleek and compact design
⭕️ Suitable for any smartphone
⭕️ Sturdy and secure
⭕️ 360 Rotation degree 
⭕️ Magnetic 
How to use:
✔️ Simply attach the circular magnet to the center of your phone, adhere the cell phone car mount to your dashboard with 3M adhesive pad, and let magnetic power do the rest
❗️❗️ Notes:
⚫️ Dimensions: 6.1 * 4.8 * 0.4 inches
⚫️ Weight: 71g
⚫️ Cash on delivery
⚫️ Delivery to all Kingdom countries
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