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Seat Belt Pet For Kids

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✅ Supports the neck and head while sleeping
✅ Easily attaches to seatbelts
✅ Has several pockets
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✅ Delivery to all Kingdom countries
Having a hard time convincing your kids to buckle up? With this seat belt toy worry no more!
With Seat Bet, your seat belt stays in place.
⭕️ Your Seatbelt always stays in place
⭕️ No More dangling heads or sore necks as it supports their necks and heads
⭕️ Easily attaches to seatbelts
⭕️ Has pockets that your kid can keep his stuff in
⭕️ One pocket has a zipper on the side
⭕️ made of high-quality machine-washable material.
⭕️ Soft, warm and comfy
⭕️ Fit items as large as a water bottle inside the pockets
❗️❗️ Details:
⚫️ Size: 21*4.5*0.5 inches
⚫️ Weight: 14.1 ounces
Cash on delivery 
Delivery to all Kingdom countries
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